Work life balance

Sick days are on the increase, costing industry thousands through cases of depression, anxiety & stress.  With the obesity epidemic showing no sign of slimming down, there’s never been a more pertinent time to invest in employee well being. 
Thankfully I am here to help with my bespoke, tailor-made well-being solutions, which has been specifically designed to address the aches & pains + relieve stresses and strains of busy corporate life.  Whether you’re booking a one-off session, a year long schedule, Wellness Day or Well-being Week,  I will endeavour to help with staff well being with movement and mindfulness sessions. From Yoga, Pilates or a mix of both from beginners to advanced . I am currently working for many corporate clients with chair yoga mindfulness talks and Yoga and Pilates classes in the workplace for companies in and around Reading. I can also organise retreat days for your company which are a great team building day alternative.

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Yoga & Pilaties

Yoga or Pilates Courses are based on the belief that mental and physical health are interrelated and should be conditioned together.  Yoga & Pilates classes at JK Yoga Flow attempt to coordinate breathing & physical movement, improve focus & concentration and help participants regain control of their body + mind.


In its simplest form, mindfulness means: Paying attention to being aware of the present moment. Research from over 160 different studies suggests that mindfulness meditation practice has a positive affect on improving anxiety and stress*.  It is also a proven way to increase resilience, emotional intelligence and communication within the workplace.  Try one of my  meditation classes or integrate mindfulness into one of your Yoga session.


Indian head


Focus on the present moment.  Among its benefits Indian head massage helps improve many aspects of your life including reaction time & short term memory.  Those who have tried Indian head massage become more relaxed & less distracted by their fleeting thoughts demonstrating an enhanced ability to problem solve, retain information and recall from memory more easily.


Straight from the Source

Anomoys - Corprate Client

We have thoroughly enjoyed Jackie coming to our offices to help us find an hour of calm in our otherwise busy days. What started as a one-off initiative as part of the Company’s well being month, has now lead to our third 6-week yoga course! Our employees have been delighted with the approachable nature of Jackie’s sessions, and really look forward to our weekly hour of “me-time” – we could not recommend enough!

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